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Tanker Truck Transport - Riandros Trans

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Our Company

Our company is a family business with a continuous 25-year presence in the transport sector. Our base of operations is in Elefsina, Attica very close to Attiki Odos highway and the Greek National road Athens - Corinth - Patrai giving us the ability to immediately serve our clients needs both inside and outside of Attica.

The drivers we employ have a major experience in the professional transportation and as a result the carry out every transport route with the utmost consistency and full compliance of the rules and regulations in the EU concerning transportations. We own a private fleet of tanker-trucks with an average gross weight of 40 tns. and we guarantee the secure transport of the liquid materials we transfer. Our tankers have all the necessary aspects needed for liquid transport (maintaining product temperature, safety of transport etc.). Prior to each load and following every unload our tankers are washed internally with an automated system (spray-ball), with full compliance of every European regulation, by professional washers and the wash certificates accompany the vehicle throughout each trip.

The absolute compliance to every transport rule and the professionalism with which we carry out every transport has rewarded us with a series of business collaborations with major food production and distribution companies like: DELTA, FAGE, important oil producers of Greece, many Greek wineries and large European companies.

Furthermore, we have, on numerous occasions, worked with other large transport companies both Greek and European like KUKLA for example as cargo forwarders.