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Tanker Truck Transport - Riandros Trans

40th Zafeiri Kalatha Str.
P.C. 192 00 Elefsina

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Tanker Truck Transport - Riandros Trans at Elefsina

Our Company operates from Elefsina, Attica and has been active for more than 25 years in the tanker truck transport business.

Our main branch of employment is liquid foodstuff transport. Some of the materials that we transport are those that follow: Milk, Wine, Wine Lees, Must, Vinegar, Olive oil, Seed oil, Juice, Glucose etc. We own vehicles (tractors and tankers) of the latest technology with the necessary certifications for the transport of liquid foodstuff.

We make transports inside and outside of Greece and some of our main European destinations are countries like Italy, France etc.